Let’s face it- All career politicians suck. They may start out starry eyed and full of ideals but the political process grinds them down and makes them beholden to large corporations and one of the two major parties. The higher up in the political food chain you get the worse it is. Imagine after years in the system how many IOUs exist. You can not expect to raise all that money for re-election without a few strings attached. If you fail to push the party agenda you can not continue to move up. Senators and Congressmen have been punished and ”demoted”, stripped of influential committee positions, for voting their conscience instead voting the party line.

The ultimate suck ups must be the presidential candidates. Think about spending $100,000,000 or more to get a job that only pays a measly $400,000.

How come I can’t have a larger selection of presidential candidates to vote for? Why can’t John McCain, President Bush, John Kerry, John Edwards and half a dozen more candidates be on the ballot in November. Why just two choices? You have to go to the polls and choose the Evil of Two Lessers! ( I stole that from my cousin – I like the way it sounds)

As long as America has only two strong political parties this will never change. The Party system will continue to give us a highly polarized election. Your two candidates will be neatly packaged and sold so you are forced to choose from two extremes, Liberal or Conservative; Pro Choice or Pro Life; Less Taxes or More Welfare and so on.

Anyway, I have made up my mind. The limited selections for the upcoming election do not excite me. I am a registered Republican and I will not vote for George W. Bush. Therefore I have to vote for John Kerry.

Therefore John Kerry Sucks Less.

Some Companies That Suck Less

  • Verizon – Let’s face it, wireless carriers are a pain to deal with, Verizon is slightly ahead of the pack though when it comes to customer service, making them the best option.
  • In N Out – Fast food is littered with companies that offer low quality, bad tasting food, In N Out isn’t one of them. They offer only a few things on their menu, but they are fresh and taste amazing.
  • Dumpster Center – I’ve rented dumpsters a ton of times and it’s usually a hassle and costs more than it should. Dumpster Center makes renting a dumpster easy and cheaper than ever before.
  • Progressive – Insurance sucks, there’s nothing worse than paying for something you’ll probably never use. At least with Progressive you can pay less each month.

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